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Kerala Astrology A Unique System of Vedic Indian Astrology

 Indian Vedic Astrology as you know is tens of thousands of years old and if properly used could give valuable insight and help ease problems of mundane life. Astrology is not a fatalistic science and you have every chance to improve the situtation and succeed in your life. There are effective remedies to set right your Karmas and enhance your innate talents. Remedies in the form of offsetting Karmas, Chanting Prayers, wearing of Gems and crystals, and much more.

Kerala known as the cradle of vedic astrology is known for its unique system of predictions from time immemorial. The unique treatise on the horary astrology Prasna Marga was authored in Kerala. The treatment of Maandi in horary astrology and the Prasna as it is known in Kerala could unravel anything in the universe.The Ashtamangalya Prasna a divine branch of kerala Horary astrology is unique in this part of the land.

Kerala astrology has been widely acclaimed across the globe for its stunning accuracy and unique treatment. While the rest of the vedic astrologers across the country follows the conventional system like Jaimini, Parasara and those propounded in classical tereatise like Brihat jathaka,Uttara kalamritha etc. a very unique system of astrology has been evolved over centuries in Kerala . The Prasna or horary astrology is not developed elsewhere in the world like in kerala. The first testimony to this is the monumental hororay work "Prsnamargam" a volumunous treeatment from an unknown Kerala Brahmin author from North kerala originally written for teaching his disciples. While there are many translations for this work today what is important is the Upadesha ( secret advice) by the astrologer preceptors of the state which is not documented anywhere.

Kerala astrology is also known for its special significance being given to Maandi locally known as Gulika, though in astrological parlance they are treated differently.All prasna(Horory) sessions are made with Gulika as the major indicator in case of queries relating to spirits,Badhas( Evil spirits) etc.

Kerala Astrology is also unique in horoscope matching . While the rest of the country follows 20-25 koodas as it is called for the Nakshatra(Star) matching , in kerAla it is confined only to the major 10 matching of stars known as "Porutham". Kerala Astrology gives much importance to matching of Planetary afflictions and avoidance of simultaneous endings of main periods(Dasa Sandhi) than the Star matching in the horoscope of couples. While the star matching is concerned only with the physical and psychological compatibility of the couples ,the other two are concerned with the health ,longevity and the survival of the very union, which is more relevant and important in our cultural background unlike the modern system of 'living together' or 'long term relationship'.

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